Happy Halloween - Day 23 - Sarah Kipin

Good evening readers, I hope you've all had a good Monday. I left this particular artist to post later on in the month as she is also tackling the challenge of posting every day of October.

Sarah Kipin's work often seems to lean towards the paranormal. Her work often features haunted looking characters or hidden little leanings towards the occult. However, her Halloween project is what caught my eye. Sarah has taken on the interesting and by no means easy feat of putting together a piece featuring vampires every day of October.

What set Sarah apart for me is that I haven't seen a vampire quite like hers'. Her vampires whilst lythe look almost like dancers. They are dark and wrapped up in each other without having that arrogant holier than thou air about them. 

There is also a fantastic cohesian to them so far that makes them less of a project and more a brilliant body of work. I can't wait for her next instalment of toothy beauties and you can support her in this thankless task on her tumblr.


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