Happy Halloween - Day 24 - Kuno Yoko

For this Tuesday's post I want to hit upon that unique fear that comes from waking up somewhere that doesn't quite make sense. Without a shadow of a doubt the most frightening dreams I've had involve me waking up (yes in the dream) in a world somewhat like my own but not quite.

Kuno Yoko's pieces call upon this strange sense of surrealism so that whilst her illustrations are full of sacharine themes, cute colours, and comfy cushiony forms, they don't quite make sense. What appear to be dolls seem to have lives where they can grow and sleep and err...drive. 

But scarily they also seem lifeless in the way they hold themselves and seem to merge into the background and more frighteningly eachother. 

Kuno has created a world much like ours, that looks inviting and beautiful but on closer inspection perhaps creates its very own form of bizarre menace. You can explore more of her work on her tumblr. 


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