Happy Halloween - Day 25 - Yuko Shimizu

Happy final humpday of this spook filled month! As the end of this project draws in I'm sharing some big Halloween hitters with you and somehow this one had passed me by until yesterday when a kind friend introduced them to me.

Yuko Shimizu's work is simply heaving with back story. There is so much narrative woven into everything from illustrations for news articles to full on story books. Of course where you find story books you'll usually find monsters and Yuko's work is no exception.

A strong supporter and collaborator with the Society of Illustrators Yuko knows how to tame the incredible strength within her style to tell the creepiest of stories even in the blandest of situations. I can only imagine Yuko, when faced with a brief for a hair removal company, would create pieces filled with screaming tufts of hair.

I won't let her work pass me by anymore and you shouldn't either, keep up with her (quite frankly the most brilliantly linked and kempt website and blog i've ever seen in my life) on her website


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