Happy Halloween - Day 4 - Jon Klassen

Good afternoon all, I hope you're all managing to get over that mid-week hump. For Day 4 of Halloween posting we're sticking with illustration but I'm doing something I rarely do and I'm sharing a rather well established and famous illustrator with you.

Jon Klassen has done work for the Olympics, music videos for U2, worked on Coraline and has published a number of successful Children's books.But I'm not sharing any of that with you (especially that U2 video..although that perhaps would be scary coming from me). 

No I came across this funny little comic of his about a ghost who finds a door in the woods. Perhaps what we're seeing is a ghost finally escaping to the beyond. I like the idea that something so small and cute is also so mysterious. I hope you like that idea too.

You can see a lot of his work on his tumblr which acts as his website 

but to be honest I prefer his Gallery Nucleus page


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