Happy Halloween - Day 5 - Takashi Murakami for Harpers Bazaar

Oops guess who's behind! Let's get back on track -quickly- with the incredible Takashi Murakami. 

Now okay Murakami is hugely famous but this October I'm here to bring you my favourites when it comes to everything even a little bit Halloweenie and monsters, for me anyway, are at the top of my list.

I love big monsters. I recently bought Colossal, I have a cuddly Godzilla, and I have a real love of all large cryptids. 

So when Murakami released these photos with his monsters from his directorial debut "Jellyfish Eyes" I squirrelled them away knowing they'd come in useful one day.

They're just casually going about their day, walking the dog hanging with their model girlfriends, going for brunch, y'know usual monster stuff.
You can see more of the campaign here


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