Happy Halloween - Day 7 - Mario Puc

I always remember coming across a Reddit thread a while ago where someone described a situation when they were a little kid in their parents' car whenever they were driving at night time. They would always picture some strange ghostly creature running at the same speed of the car just out of view behind the bushes lining the road. 

It stuck in my mind because I always used to imagine that too, and it seems like we are not alone in this bizarre thought process.

Mario Pucic's work reminds me of those nights. Those really crisp nights heading into winter where you can only see as far as the car's headlights. Those seemingly empty winding country roads where you think you see something but when you turn back there's nothing there. 

Mario's series No Monuments While Traveling is a beautiful tribute to the road trip, which you can see more of on his Behance, but there's something really unnerving about his photos taken at night.

Maybe he thought he had seen something on some long, barely traveled American road but when he looked back to take a photograph this was all he saw? Probably not but wouldn't that be cool?


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