Happy Halloween - Day 8 - Magical Maidens

Let's lighten it up for this pretty dam mild October Sunday shall we? I was introduced to Jazlyn of Magical Maidens by my wonderful girl gang who also share in my love for a really good pin. They also somehow collectively all love Halloween even more than myself (oh yeah it's possible) and when I saw this pin strategically placed on one of their jumpers as October came in I had to know where it came from.

Magical Maidens is more well known for its cute little magical girls and adorably dorky ditto versions of them. However this pumpkin strategically turned into a bob. I can't get over it. It's just too much. I hope I get the chance to actually carve huge shining anime eyes into a pumpkin one day, but for now this pin will do the job nicely.

Make sure you check out more of Jazlyn's work here and support her kickstarter here!


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