Happy Halloween - Day 9 - Amber Seegmiller

Everyone is always in a hurry on a Monday so here's just one special piece from one special lady. I've been following Amber Seegmiller for years now. Her work often has a very strong undertone referencing mental health, especially when it comes to the loneliness a lot artists feel. Amber however has managed to harness that sadness and translate it into symbolic and interesting pieces that it has been a joy to unpick and marvel at over the years.

Amber is also one of those mad people who undertakes Inktober every year and I thoroughly suggest you keep up with her creations on her instagram.

I'd feel bad if I also didn't draw your attention to her pin she has made where 50% of the profits go towards the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (http://ambird.bigcartel.com/product/you-are-never-alone-lapel-pin-preorder) however we do need to draw this one back to Halloween and this piece she completed this piece for an older Inktober that I've always really loved for its spooky silliness and I hope you do too.


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