Happy Halloween - Eoin McHugh

Day two of this Halloween Menagerie and I am making a leap. I want to stress to you guys that whilst there will be anime eyes embedded in pumpkins and cute fluffy monsters I also love that part of the spooky season that is just the heebie jeebies.
I always get that feeling when the leaves turn and start crunching beneath your feet, especially when I used to live with my parents in the countryside. The days are getting darker and you hear a crunch that doesn't quite seem to fit with the rhythm of your steps. You look behind you, you see something dart away, but what exactly it was..you're not sure. I love that shit you guys. And that's the feeling I get from Eoin McHugh's The Ground Itself Is Kind, Black Butter.
Eoin has described his work as "The psychology of imagery," and whilst this piece is based on Bogland, a poem which seems to describe the upheaval of a great Irish elk being heaved from the bog where it's bones have been preserved, the sculpture seems to focus on that uncomfortable feeling of some animal that once was and has now returned.
You can see more of Eoin's entrancing work here http://www.kerlingallery.com/artists/eoin-mc-hugh


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